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Established in 2018, Sand City Cichlids is Co-Owned By Rick Woods and “Big Nate”. We are two friends that share a passion for the hobby and the types of fish we provide. With over 200 aquariums and 20 years of breeding experience between the both of us, we are able to do what we love and also provide quality fish to share with fellow hobbyists. Luckily for us, both of our fishrooms are within a 10 minute drive from one another in northern Ohio, so it makes life a lot easier!

We have kept all kinds of different species of fish over the years but were drawn to Tanganyikans over any others. When we decided to form an actual company, we knew our main focus would be cichlids from Lake Tanganyika in Africa, more specifically, Shell dwelling species. We started off with a few species and quickly realized that other than the few popular shell dwelling species, others were very hard to come by or only available once in a while. So naturally we began hunting down quality breeding stock of the more rare species and the rest is history. We do also work with many species of Cyprichromis because they go well with shell dwellers in the aquarium. A second passion of ours is plecos, more specifically Bristlenose plecos which we provide quite a few variants of as well.

What sets us apart from the rest? Every fish we provide is bred by us. very rarely do we purchase fish to resell. Most of our breeding stock is wild caught or F1 generation and we only pick the best quality specimens to work with. This means that the fish you receive from us have never seen a fish farm or been in any other water besides our own. They are fed the best foods and very healthy. Typically the fish we provide are in the juvenile stage and sold as unsexed because of this.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, communication, and quality fish.

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