We only ship with UPS.

Right now, the only shipping carrier we use is UPS. We can have them delivered straight to your door, or held for pick up at your nearest UPS store.  Shipping charges are calculated at checkout and are exact.

At this time we do not ship air cargo or USPS.

Live Arrival Guarantee Policy

All of our fish are guaranteed to arrive alive with 1 day shipping (except wholesale). This means that if any fish arrive deceased, we will reimburse monetary value per deceased fish or send replacements at our discretion. If you choose to have them shipped using 2 day service, we will still guarantee live arrival but only for 50% of the cost per fish (except wholesale). Although we have had great success shipping fish 2 day in ideal weather conditions, we value our fish and want them to have the best possible trip to their new home. That is why we prefer our customers to spend the few extra bucks for 1 day shipping.

Wholesale 50% live guarantee on overnight and 0% on 2nd day.

In order to qualify for reimbursement for any fish that are deceased upon arrival, you must send us CLEAR pictures of the deceased fish still in the original shipping bag within 1 hour of the delivery time. You can send them via the chat on this website or email them directly to us at


WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DELAYS CAUSED BY THE SHIPPING SERVICE OR LOST/STOLEN PACKAGES AFTER DELIVERY HAS BEEN MADE. This means that if the carrier delays your delivery for any reason after they are out of our hands it is not our fault. This is a risk taken when ordering fish online. Although it does not happen often, it is always a possibility.



Fish Sizes and sexing

All of the fish you see listed are between 3/4 inch and 1.5 inch size unless it is specified otherwise in the description. Each individual species will have a size in the description as well.

All of the fish we provide were produced right here in our facility from our breeding stock. They have never seen a fish farm. For this reason, we rarely will have adults for sale at this time.

Unless the item is listed as sexed, we cannot guarantee the sex of the fish. We may be able to guess based on size in certain situtions. We recommend buying at least 6 of the same species to ensure you get a mix of sexes. A large percentage of the fish we breed are very difficult to determine the sex until near adult size. Occasionally we will be able to offer sexed stock, and those will be listed as such.

Pricing and Wholesale

At this point and time we are not offering wholesale prices to stores or people trying to resell the fish. In the future, we do plan to offer wholesale pricing to legitimate stores and retailers.

We will put certain species on sale at various times and in the future offer coupons etc.

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