Shipping Process and Information

Shipping Live Fish


1) Our main shipping days for live fish are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week. We do not ship later in the week due to increased chance for delays and time related issues. It has been this way for years.

2) Prepping the fish for shipping takes about 24 hours, for this reason, we do not offer same day shipping. If your order is placed on a Wednesday or later in the week, it will be scheduled to ship out the following week at a day of our choosing. If you prefer a certain day for your fish to arrive, include that in the special instructions section while checking out, and we can make sure to schedule you for that day. 

 3) we try our best to process orders as quickly as possible! We know that when you order new fish, you are excited to get them as quickly as possible. As we continue to grow over the years and process more volume of orders each week, sometimes it can take up to 7 business days for your order to be next in line to be sent out. During sales or the busy season, it can take two weeks if there are a high volume of orders. Im only a one man operation so there is a limit on how many boxes i can get sent out per week unfortunately. As the years have gone by im up to sending out around 800-1000 boxes every year! 

All fish are shipped in insulated boxes. Heat packs are used when needed and sometimes packing insulation as well. 


We ship YEAR round besides a 1 week break around Christmas while the carriers get overwhelmed. The only time we delay shipping due to weather, is if temperatures are below 15 degrees, snowstorm in our area or yours, or above 95 degrees.