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Altolamprologus Calvus "Inkfin"

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The Inkfin Calvus Cichlid (Altolamprologus compressiceps) is a very impressive cichlid that is native to the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. This medium-sized species is relatively long-lived and compatible with several other Tanganyikan cichlids in a spacious tank. It has become very popular in the aquarium hobby over the past several years, but it requires patience to raise and breed due to its slow growth rate. It is a substrate spawner that lays its eggs in shells and caves.  


The Inkfin Calvus Cichlid will thrive in an aquarium with plenty of rocks and caves as well as plenty of open swimming space. It should also be provided with several empty shells, which do not necessarily have to be the Neothauma tanganyicense species. This cichlid does not do much digging in the substrate, so plants are generally safe in the same aquarium. This species is not extremely aggressive in general, but it will defend the territory around its chosen area. Territoriality is typically at its peak during spawning. Dwarf shrimp and other small, delicate invertebrates should not be kept with the Inkfin Calvus Cichlid. If spawning is desired, tankmates of other species should be kept to a minimum or avoided altogether unless the aquarium is of considerable size with ample cover/decor. The male will sometimes eat the fry, so spawning shells or caves must be too small for the male to enter.